Preview of Premier League Gameweek 27

Gameweek 27 - Premier League - Preview
Post On , Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Preview of Premier League Gameweek 27 – brought to you by Playnbrag


Gameweek 27
Gameweek 27

Playnbrag’s Team last week in Gameweek 26 – Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull, West Brom, Spurs, Liverpool – yielded 13 points.

We dropped 4 points, Hull drew and Leicester beat Liverpool after seemingly going back to their old effective countering attacking style of last season and winning easily against an unpredictable Liverpool side.

The Leicester players showed that they can play. You couldn’t but feel for Ranieri, the modern football players are indeed a fickle bunch.


Now for a quick preview of the games this weekend

Manchester United v Bournemouth


I expect Man Utd to walk this one. They are getting stronger with each passing game. The 87th winner to win the League Cup (Mickey Mouse Cup) in a game they should have lost will only add to their appetite for the 3 points.

Bournemouth not looking to good at the moment. There best tactic would probably be – to go to mass beforehand.

Gameweek 27 - Playnbrag Picks
Gameweek 27 – Playnbrag Picks


Playnbrag Prediction – Manchester United Win


Leicester City v Hull


Again, this one here is easy for me to call. Leicester City played like their lives depended on it on Monday night. They played with vigour, pace and were clinical. Their counter-attacking football was back to what it was last season when they won the Premier League.

Hull are good, solid outfit, but I just think that Leicester City players will blow them off the park. As they continue their utmost, to impress which ever manager comes next.

Playnbrag Prediction – The Mercaneries (Leicester) Win


Stoke v Middlesbrough


Stoke got their rear ends handed to them on a plate last week by Spurs.

Both teams have forgotten how to score……


Playnbrag Prediction – Draw

Swansea v Burnley


I fancy Swansea to take all 3 points here. They were on a decent run up until last week when they ran into the Chelsea juggernaut. Burnley did get a draw last week, but it was against Hull.

Playnbrag Prediction – Swansea Win


Watford v Southampton


2 decent sides here. This one is a really hard one to call. Under normal circumstances I would have gone for Southampton. But they will be reeling after their cup final loss, and must be bitterly disappointed in the manner they lost. Watford could sneak all 3 points here as a result but I think it will be a share of the spoils.

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw

West Brom v Crystal Palace


Both won their games last weekend, but I think West Brom will take all 3 points in this contest as I think at the moment they are simply a better team, and playing better.

With Cyrstal Palace, a.k.a. Sam’s barmy army, you can never be quite sure which team will turn up. South London’s Barcelona, or the equally entertaining, Sunday Pub Team.

Playnbrag Prediction – West Brom Win

Liverpool v Arsenal


This should be at the very least an entertaining game, with lots of goals. From a neutral perpective it’s hard not to look at this fixture with a wry smile on your face.

Ideally, I would like to watch this game with a Liverpool fan on one side, and an Arsenal fan on the other.

It’s hard to know what will happen in this game.

I am sure their 2 managers are thinking the same. Klopp, as mad as a bag of Frogs, and Wenger, the deluded professor. I really thought Klopp would have been suited to the Premier League, on 2017 form it’s not looking like it.

I think the last few fixtures between these 2 have been draws, but I am going to go with an Arsenal win. The wheels seem to have come off the Liverpool bus.

Playnbrag Prediction – Arsenal Win

Spurs v Everton


Another very hard one to call……..both teams are on form. Everton’s more recent form is better but you just can’t dismiss Spurs battering of Stoke last weekend. This is crying out to be a draw, but I am going to go with a Spurs win as I feel they’ll get another run going.

Playnbrag Prediction – Spurs Win

Gameweek 27 - Make your Picks - Playnbrag
Gameweek 27 – Make your Picks – Playnbrag


Sunderland v Man City

Man City all the way on this one. Sorry Sunderland fans…..

What was David Moyes thinking leaving Everton all those years ago. I suppose he could never have guessed that Ferguson & Man United would end up ruining his career.

Lovely guy, and does a nice interview but was alway’s over rated as a manager.

Playnbrag Prediction – Man City Win

West Ham v Chelsea


I got the Chelsea fixture wrong last week. I thought they would drop points against Swansea. They didn’t. I am going to stick my neck out again here this week and say that they will drop points again.

West Ham and Andy Carroll are more than able to put it up to them. Go on the hammers. God I hate Chelsea…..I’d love to see them get relegated this season 🙂

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw


Playnbrag’s team for Gameweek 27 is:

Manchester United, Leicester City, Swansea, West Brom, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City.

Enjoy the weekend’s action Folks.


You pick teams to make up your “Team” rather than players in the Premier League. For every team you select you get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

So basically you pick the teams that you think will get you maximum points & invite your friends to do likewise & see who comes out on top.



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