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Premier League - Pick Teams to make up Your Team
Post On , Friday, January 20th, 2017

Welcome to our weekly preview of the next round of matches in the Premier League – Get the banter started

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Let’s have a quick look at the match ups for this weekend. And who best to pick for your team to get you maximum points.

Premier League - Preview Gameweek 22
Premier League – Preview Gameweek 22


Liverpool v Swansea

You would have to fancy Liverpool here as Swansea are still trying to figure out what sport their playing at the other end of the table.

Klopp’s men played well against Manchester United last Sunday. They defended well and broke at speed in the counter-attack. Showing that they pose a real threat in the counter. They were also strong in set pieces while Pogba was pirouetting around the place like some demented ballerina.

Liverpool to win

West Brom v Sunderland

Both teams are blowing hot and cold at he moment with differing results. Both lost at the weekend. West Brom got their asses handed to them with a 4-0 drubbing from Arsenal. Would have paid to see Pulis’s reaction in the dressing room after. While Sunderland drew 1 – 1 with Burnley. Both won their previous Premier League Fixtures.

I expect a dour 1-1 draw

Stoke v Manchester United

I expect Manchester United to steam roll this one, after letting Liverpool off the hook last weekend. Hopefully Pogba won’t be sending tweets during the game though.

Man Utd to win 3 -0


Middlesborough v West Ham

Middlesborough have been hard to beat recently, and you would favour them in this as they have home advantage. But that said, it’s not really. As let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a dump. West Ham are right, they shouldn’t sell Payet. They should ship him off to Siberia and get him to work in one of those labour camps.

0-0 Draw


Cystal Palace v Everton

After watching Everton go to town on Man City last weekend, I expect them to continue their run against Palace. As at the moment Selhurst Park is not the most exciting place to watch football. I think I’d rather play bridge in a nursing home.

Everton to win by 2.


Bournemouth v Watford

Quite frankly, who cares 🙂 Both team’s to lose :). Just kidding.

Bournemouth to win.


Man City v Spurs


This is a hard one to call….. Spurs are flying at the moment, and well City….ain’t !

I don’t think this will be a draw, as both teams will go out to win. Spurs smell blood, and City are hurting after last weeks thrashing so they have a point to prove.

City to win it 3-2


Southampton v Leicester

Another difficult one to call. Both teams have lost their last 2 games in the Premier league. So it’s really a case of, may the worst team lose. They drew 1-1 a few weeks back in the reverse fixture. How on earth Leicester won the league last season based on this team is beyond me.

Southampton to shade it 1-0


Arsenal v Burnley

I wonder will this finally be Arsenal’s year ? I think the only ones that really think they have a chance is Wenger, his team, and their long suffering fans. If Carlsberg did football teams…….it wouldn’t be Arsenal.

Arsenal to win it by 3.


Chelsea v Hull

I think Chelsea will drop points here. Yes they played well last weekend, especially without Costa, and showed great team unity. But this is against the good ould one armed bandits – Hull. I think they’ll come and gate crash the party.

Draw 1 -1


So based on my extremely extensive, and thorough preview of Gameweek 22 my team looks like this –

Liverpool, Man Utd, Everton, Bournemouth, Man City (as much as it pains me), Southampton, Arsenal.

That’s my Team (Picks for the week).

Premier League - Pick Teams to make up Your Team
Premier League – Pick Teams to make up Your Team & Get friends to Join

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