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Premier League - Gameweek 25
Post On , Friday, February 24th, 2017

Preview of Premier League Gameweek 26 – brought to you by Playnbrag

We only have 8 matches on this weekend but all seem pretty hard ones to call as they are evenly matched.

Premier League - Gameweek 25
Premier League – Gameweek 26


Chelsea v Swansea

Chelsea have dropped points recently, dropping points to Liverpool, and more recently to Burnley. They are finally starting to show chinks in their armour and up until recently they have been on a hell of a run since October. So it’s of no surprise that they are having to grind it out of late.

Swansea have been on a decent run, winning 3 of their last 4 games. Their loss coming away to Man City, 2-1, so they are a team on the up.

I think Chelsea will drop further points here against a resurgent Swansea .

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw


Crystal Palace v Middlesborough

Both Teams are in relegation form, so not exactly going to be El Classico this one :(.

Crystal Palace have managed 1 win in their last 4, the 3 others were defeats.

Middlesborough fairing slightly worse with 2 draws from their last 4, the other 2 were defeats. What can be said about them is they are hard to beat, and are a pretty solid outfit.

But I am gonna go for Big Sam’s barmy army at Palace to pull their finger out and take all 3 points.

Playnbrag Prediction – Cyrstal Palace Win

Everton v Sunderland

Everton are looking stronger as the season rolls on and Lukaku is really maturing into a world class finisher. They do though seem to have their off days where they are just not at the races but I expect them to win this easily.

Except for when Sunderland lost the plot and momentarily thought they were Barcelona and put 4 past Crystal Palace they have been well below par in recent games. The ever suffering Sunderland faithful were treated to an 4 – 0 mauling at home to Southampton in their last game.

Playnbrag Prediction – Everton Win


Hull City v Burnley

Jesus, the games this weekend are simply mouth watering….. I would need to sneak in a bottle of buckfast to the grounds if I was going to watch this one.

There is very little between these sides at the moment, very hard to pick one. If you were a betting man you would go for a draw, but to hell with it. I’m going to go with Hull, I feel there stronger team than Burnley, and playing better and with more confidence. In fact, come to think of it I quite like Hull, well Hull City at least. Not Huddersfield.

Playnbrag Prediction – Hull Win

West Brom v Bournemouth

You really have to go with West Brom on this one, there form lately has been pretty decent with 2 wins and 2 draws in their last 4.

Bouremouth on the other hand are shipping more goals than……I don’t know what. They have conceded 12 goals in the last 4 games. Scored 2 and got 1 draw. Well at least there consistent :). And your guaranteed goals.

I fear for Howie’s job. It’s a shame because they wouldn’t be where they are today only for him.


Playnbrag Prediction – West Brom Win


Watford v West Ham

Both of these teams are coming in with identical form. 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss in their last 4. Both losses came against Man Utd, and Man City, respectively, though Watford did beat Arsenal at the Emirates. Let’s be honest though, beating Arsenal in February is what most teams do for fun these days.

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw


Spurs v Stoke

Pochettini has brought so much to Spurs since he moved and has them playing sincillating stuff at times. They have the players, but do they have the bottle ? Are they looking like they could be the next nearly men. They were on a great run but of late they have started to drop points when they put themselves in a great position. Similiar to last season where they got into 2nd position in the league then realised where they were and crapped the togs!

Stoke are never an easy team to play and in usual circumstances I would expect them to get a result here. But they have been playing average of late, and Spurs will be licking their wounds after their defeat to Liverpool.

Playnbrag Prediction – Spurs Win


Leicester City v Liverpool

Such a shame to see Ranieri get sacked, and my initial thoughts were what a disgrace it was.

But on closer inspection it looks like there was alot of players unsettled with what he was doing this season compared to last. It seems that he had reverted to his ways of old “the tinker man”, and kept changing teams,  lineups, formations and tactics this season.

Unlike last season when he had a settled side and formation, and each player knew what was expected of them and what they had to do.

Players don’t like constant change, or uncertainty, or not been clear to what their role is. This in the end was probably what caused his downfall.

What didn’t help was the fact that he was given £100 million for transfers over the summer.

When that clearly should have been left to whoever was previously in charge of transfers and bringing people in. As they had up until that point done a fine job in recruiting fine players on a shoe string budget. And they should never have sold Kante…..what were they thinking….

Liverpool are Liverpool, mad as a bunch of …….well scouscers….and Klopp, their pied piper. This team is a bit hot and cold at the moment, definitely suffered from fatigue since the New Year. Klopp’s high pressing, intense game requires alot of energy and you can see the burn out effect it has on the players at the turn of the season.

Klopp and Guardiola, are used to having the mid winter break on the continent where they were able to rest their players and go again. Not the case in the Premier League. They will have to learn to adapt as all great managers do.

Playnbrag Prediction – Liverpool Win

It is great to have an abundance of quality managers in the Premier League now. It only makes for better competition.

For instance, there are only 12 points between 1st and 6th place, only 4 points between 6th and 2nd! So here’s hoping the wheels come off the Chelsea bus over the next few weeks! And if they do it will be some Premier League run in!

Premier League Table
Premier League Table


So what is Playnbrag

You pick teams to make up your “Team” rather than players in the Premier League. For every team you select you get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

So basically you pick the teams that you think will get you maximum points & invite your friends to do likewise & see who comes out on top.


Playnbrag’s team for Gameweek 26 is:


Crystal Palace, Everton, Hull, West Brom, Spurs, Liverpool.


Enjoy playing Guys


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