Preview of the Premier League Gameweek 33 and Playnbrag’s Picks

Palace put Arsenal to the sword
Post On , Friday, April 14th, 2017

Preview of the Premier League Gameweek 33 and Playnbrag’s Picks


Make Your Picks - Gameweek 33
Make Your Picks – Gameweek 33


Spurs v Bournemouth


Spurs are on fire at the moment, destroying Watford last weekend 4-0 at the Lane. And have won their last 6 games now in the league since Liverpool beat them at Anfield.

Bournemouth have had a loss / 2 draws / & a win from their last 4.

Bournemouth could force Spurs here to drop a few points and get a draw but I think Spurs will be to good for them. I expect them to win and keep the pressure on Chelsea, who remain 7 points ahead on top.

Playnbrag Prediction – Spurs

League Table
League Table




A Big win for Sam and Palace’s barmy army against an Arsenal Sunday Pub 11 on Monday evening.

Leicester are in 11th and Palace in 16th in the league but only 2 points seperate them.

Leicester played well against Atletico on Wednesday night, but I feel they will be tired going into this game.

Palace will be up for this one after beating Arsenal and will have more in the tank, but Leicester are clearly the better team. But having suffered 2 defeats on the bounce and little time to re-cuperate I expect it to be a draw.

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw

Everton v Burnley


Everton look great at the moment. They put Leicester to the sword in ruthless fashion last week. Koeman is doing a wonderful job there. If Everton can hold on to their star players – Lukaku, Barkley – and their manager they will win silverware next year. If they don’t, they will continue as a feeder club to the bigger clubs above them.

Maybe time for the club to take a more ambitious approach, for their fans & their history.

Burnley have had a few draws of late, and a loss to Liverpool. And I think their not scoring enough goals at the moment and will struggle to keep Everton scoreless.

Playnbrag Prediction – Everton Win

Stoke v Hull City


Stoke have lost their last 4 games……Hull haven’t.

Hull have had loss / 2 wins / loss in the last 4.

But the table never lies….Stoke in 13th and Hull in 17th. I expect Hull to take points though but Stoke to stop the rot.

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw

Sunderland v West Ham

Sunderland are pretty much relegated at this stage. The only thing for Sunderland fans to enjoy at this stage is the pies at half time, and the pints of bitter at full time.

West Ham have been really disappointing this season, and of late have been in awful form (bar their last game – win against Swansea). Neither team is setting the world on fire right now.

Still expect them to take all 3 points though. Doesn’t say much about Sunderland.

Playnbrag Prediction – West Ham Win

Watford v Swansea

Swansea’s days look numbered at the bottom of the table. I think both teams will be up for it here. Watford are licking their wounds from a Spurs mauling last week, and Swansea face a relegation battle now and are desperate for the points.

Expect a war of attrition.

Playnbrag Prediction – Draw

Southampton v Man City


Man City could drop points here but they won’t. Guardiola will expect now to pick up maximum points from the teams outside the top tier in the run in to the end of the campaign.

Southampton are a solid outfit, and have proved themselves of that in recent years with their consistency, and mid table league standing.

On their day they can beat anyone, but for me, on this occasion Man City will be to strong for them.


Playnbrag Prediction – Man City Win

West Brom v Liverpool


I would have gone here, in usual circumstances for a draw.

But I think Liverpool here will take all 3 points, as they chase the coveted Champions League spot. West Brom are a good side. But they just don’t have the same hunger or appetite going into this game, as they are now almost safe from relegation and out of the running for Europe.

Playnbrag Picks - Gameweek 33
Playnbrag Picks – Gameweek 33


Playnbrag Prediction – Liverpool Win

Man Utd v Chelsea

This is an interesting game at this time in the season.

Mourinho & his players will be baying for blood after losing their last 2 meetings. Especially the one at Stamford brigde – 4-0 –  earlier in the season, it must have hurt.

I am sure they would like nothing more than to wreck Chelsea’s title ambitions. Or at least put a serious dent in them.

Chelsea have come back well since their loss to Crystal Palace. Winning their last 2, 1 of those been against Man City.

I think Man Utd will win this one though, and the Premier League’s newest rivalry to be truly born – Mourinho v Conte

Playnbrag Prediction – Man Utd Win

Middlesbrough v Arsenal
Palace put Arsenal to the sword
Palace put Arsenal to the sword


As bad as Arsenal have been of late I really don’t expect them to lose this one.

For Arsenal, and Wenger, this game couldn’t have come at a better time.

All they have to do here is outscore Middlesbrough. At the moment Middlesbrough couldn’t even hit a barn door, never mind score a goal.

Playnbrag Prediction – Arsenal Win

So Playnbrag‘s picks are (to get maximum points) – Spurs, Everton, West Ham, Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal.


What is Playnbrag ?

You pick teams to make up your “Team” rather than players in the Premier League. For every team you select you get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

So basically you pick the teams that you think will get you maximum points & invite your friends to do likewise & see who comes out on top.

Play for Fun, Beer or Cash!


Enjoy playing Guys

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