A preview of the upcoming Premier League 2017 / 2018

The Premier League 2017 - 2018 Season
Post On , Thursday, August 10th, 2017

A preview of the upcoming Premier League 2017 / 2018

With the new season fast approaching we decided to take a closer look at the teams we believe that will fare well this season.

Last season’s league table would suggest that there is gap opening up between the Top 7 teams and the rest. Everton made up 7th spot & Southampton were a whopping 15 points behind them in 8th place, while only 6 points separated Southampton (46 points) & Watford in 17th place (40 points).

If this trend were to continue this could prove problematic for the smaller clubs and the Premier League as it would make it less competitive in the long term. The gap would widen, making the bigger clubs bigger, while marginalising the rest.

So who is going to win the Premier League this season ?

Who will qualify for Europe ?

I don’t see a lot of change on the teams that finished in the top 7 last season as they continue to grow, and have more financial clout in the transfer market than the rest.

But that said you never know, some team could go and do a Leicester !


Newcastle - Winners of the Championship
Newcastle – Winners of the Championship


I fancy Newcastle to do alright this season under the stewardship of Benitez. Before the summer, after they gained promotion I had fancied them to challenge for one of the Champions League spots. But I don’t run with that anymore due to the fact Benitez has been non-existent in the transfer market so far. Especially for a team that has just come back into the Premier League.

Mike Ashley must be every manager’s nightmare, and every fan.

He should really sell the club and let them grow and move forward.

Prediction – 8th



Everton - a team on the up
Everton – a team on the up


Koeman has done a wonderful job in the transfer market this summer signing some really good players such as Davy Klassen from Ajax. He has been astute at looking abroad for better players at lower prices, and also has added experience and leadership, in Rooney.

If he get’s Sigurdsson from Swansea, which is looking like he will, that should be more than an adequate replacement for Barkley for when he goes.

He seems to have added to his squad more than enough to cover the losses of Lukaku, and inevitably, Barkley.

I expect them to be a stronger propostion this season, but because of the wholesale changes within the team I think they will drop quite a few points in the early part of the season.

But as the season continues I think they will become stronger and gel as a unit. I fancy them to go on a cup run with a strong possibility that they will win one of them.

Prediction – 7th



Not the ideal pre-season for Klopp & his Liverpool
Not the ideal pre-season for Klopp & his Liverpool


I can’t really see any change with Liverpool this season. Liverpool have been very unfortunate though, there’s one thing not getting all of their transfer targets. An other thing entirely when Lallana gets injured, just before the season is due to start and is expected to be out for 2 months. Then Neymar get’s sold to PSG, and all of a sudden Barcelona target Coutinho, and turn his head, and it now looks inevitable that Liverpool will lose their best player.

Without seriously adding to their squad other than Salah, and they now have Champions League football to contend with (if they qualify) their squad will be stretched. So I don’t think they’ll finish as high as last season.

Plus they need strikers, Sturrigde & Ings aren’t exactly world beaters!

Prediction – 6th



Sanchez waving goodbye........
Sanchez waving goodbye……..


As for Arsenal, I can’t see any change with them either. I really do not understand why Wenger was allowed to stay on as manager. He is preventing this team, and club from moving forward to the next level. Their best player, Sanchez, is pushing to leave, and this really says everything about the mentality within the dressing room of this team at the moment.

So they have won the Charity Shield…….quite frankly, who cares. They might retain their FA Cup at best, but that will be it. And to be honest, that’s not good enough for the quality of players they have. They should be contending for the league.

More of the same, from Wenger and his bridesmaids.

Prediction – 5th


Manchester United

Man United's big summer signing
Man United’s big summer signing


With Manchester United & Mourinho it’s a hard one to gauge at the moment. Lukaku could turn out to be the signing of the season, and did Man United need him. Especially now that ibrahimovic has moved on.

Not only will he have to fill the void left, but he will also have be much more prolific in front of goal which is a tall order. But he will get the service and the chances, as United were one of the most wasteful teams in front of goal last season.

They could probably do with another striker of Lukaku’s proven pedigree to share the goal burden. It’s paramount that he stays injury free & fit throughout the season as he is vital to the team’s success this term.

For me though, they are still a work in progress.

Prediction – 4th



Future Premier League Champions
Future Premier League Champions


Spurs are an exciting young team, and I think Manchester United have closed the gap on them during the summer by getting Lukaku, while Spurs have lost Kyle Walker to Man City (though they are chasing Barkley’s signature along with Chelsea).

But I would still put Spurs ahead of Manchester United, but only just.

Pochectinni is a brilliant manager and has the most exciting team in the league playing a great attacking brand of football.

But I don’t think they will build on last year as I feel Chelsea & Man City are stronger than them this season. They will continue to grow and learn but I don’t think they will be in contention come the end of the season. I think they out performed themselves last season, where in most cases with the points total they finished with would have been enough to win the league. This season the competition is tougher, and I think they will wilt under it.

Prediction – 3rd



Will he be able to guide them to back to back titles
Will he be able to guide them to back to back titles


Chelsea had an outstanding season last season, they won 30 games out of a possible 38 teams. Incredible record.

Will they do a repeat of it ? No. No chance.

Firstly Conte has been left increasingly frustrated in the transfer market. Only managing to get one transfer target – Morato – From Real Madrid , while he is still in the hunt for Chamberlain & Barkley.

It hasn’t helped his cause by prematurely putting Costa out in the cold before finding an adequate like for like replacement. Ok, they have Morato, but he is unproven in the Premier League, and Costa is Costa, a very effective target man.

Alex Ferguson always had a golden rule, that after winning a Premier League title, you should always go out and try get a few marquee players or big signings. So as to keep the players on their toes, keep those high standards in check, keep them driving on for more, and not let complacency creep in.

This is what Conte needs to do here, to keep this Chelsea team motivated in the pursuit of more. At the moment he’s a bit of a way off in adding to his squad to keep the hunger within the team and keep them asking questions of each other.

Prediction – 2nd


Man City

The new Special One.......or Not....
The new Special One……????


Man City under Guardiola this season I believe will win the Premier League. He has been the most effective in the transfer market with key signings in key positions which needed to be addressed – their defence. He has brought in Mendy (Monaco), Walker (Spurs) and Danilo (Real Madrid), and Silva on the right wing (Monaco).

There is also still the distinct possibility that Sanchez will join them from Arsenal before the transfer window closes on the 31st of August further bolstering their team & squad.

Guardiola had a rude awakening in his first season in charge in the Premier League last season. But I think he will have learned from it, and will set his team up accordingly.

He will continue with his free flowing attacking philosophy, but will put more focus on implementing the tight high pressing game of old (that he used at Barcelona) when they lose the ball.

I think he will go back to basics and invest more time and energy in intensity, focus, and concentration when they don’t have the ball. It was what they lacked last season – mental discipline.

Prediction – Champions


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