Being a spurs fan…it’s the hope that kills you….Brought to you by Sean Canning

Where there are Dreams there is hope
Post On , Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The trials & tribulations of been a Spurs Fan – Playnbrag

Brought to you from our guest writer Sean Canning – (a life long Spurs Fan), and Playnbrag

Where there are Dreams there is hope
Where there are Dreams there is hope


I’ve been a lifelong spurs fan and like most of my fellow lilywhite supporters I was looking forward to last Saturday’s FA cup semi-final against Chelsea. As the team looked to kick on from some excellent recent results and put a spanner in the works of the blues’ double aspirations.

Being a Spurs Fan

But being a Tottenham fan is a curious thing. There’s always that dissenting voice at the back of your mind reminding you of past failures……..The team’s woeful record at the new Wembley. The fact that spurs had lost 6 previous semi-finals since last winning the cup in 1991 and the infamous capitulation at “the battle of Stamford Bridge” last year against the same opposition.

But as kick off approached on Saturday I wasn’t listening to this harbinger of doom….No sir. This time it’s different. This is a spurs team with a spine to it, with a steely resolve and full of leaders like Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Kane.

Kane making Luiz look a bit anxious
Kane making Luiz look a bit anxious

And so we thought….

5 minutes later Chelsea were a goal up and that sickening feeling was back in the pit of my stomach. True, spurs did show resolve to come from behind twice but at the final whistle it was the same tired old story. Chelsea were marching on to the final and my fellow yids were trudging back to North London with nothing to show for another afternoon down Wembley way.

This is the thing

You see, it’s the hope that kills you when it comes to being a spurs fan. Just when you think that finally….finally, the team are capable of achieving something great. And bringing some much needed silverware to the forgotten monolith, that is the White Hart Lane trophy cabinet, something like Saturday happens.

Now, don’t get me wrong

I’m a huge Pochettino fan and greatly admire what he’s done in moulding a young, vibrant team that is arguably the best footballing side in the Premier League at the minute. However, that nagging voice is telling me that he can’t and won’t be considered a success until a trophy, any trophy is safely secured.

Pochettino at the helm
Pochettino at the helm

A crucial time

This is a crucial week for Tottenham and the Premier League title race with two vital London derbies coming just a few days apart. The team travel to a resurgent Crystal Palace on Wednesday night before renewing their oldest rivalry with neighbours Arsenal next Sunday.

Just how they react to Saturday’s disappointment remains to be seen and whether Pochettino can finally shut that voice of doom up for once and for all. We live in hope, we’re spurs fans….it’s what we do!


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