About Us

Here @ playnbrag we wanted to create something for the avid sport’s fan and something for the more casual sport’s fan that might follow a sport or event from time to time.

Where Fantasy Sports meets Sports Betting, something to cater for Fantasy Sports players and Sports Fans .

Where friends, partners and anyone else can pit their wits against each other on their favourite sport, and make watching it live or following it much more exciting as you all vie for top spot

We decided to remove all those annoying budgets and simply let people pick who they want (where you pick teams to make up your team rather than players, for the team sports offerings), resulting in a more streamlined and effortless experience but just as much fun, if not more.

Play for fun or money with Friends in our Fantasy Sports offerings and don’t forget to brag a little if you’re the one that comes out on top .

If you have any queries, issues, suggestions or complaints please email us on our Contact Us page, or you can also leave comments on our Forum & Facebook pages which we will respond to also.

We hope you enjoy using and that your experience is both exciting and fun .

Thanks, from Oisin & the Playnbrag Dream Team .