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*We recognise that although for most gambling is fun, for others it can become a problem. As a result we provide a self-exclusion facility for those wanting to control their gambling. Under the Responsible Gambling & Gaming page  You can review the assistance available and find support information. Self-exclusion is a formal process whereby You request us to prevent You from being able to access Your Playnbrag online account for a period of 12 months. We will action Your request to self-exclude Your online Account within approximately 48 hours of receipt of Your request and confirm this to You by email.We reserve the right to contact You should any further information be required.

Any remaining balances will be returned to You by a method determined by us (conditional upon complete account verification where appropriate).Any existing leagues you are in will continue as before and you will be forwarded the winnings if you win though you will be prevented from entering your account. We may refuse to apply Your self-exclusion to any playnbrag account if there is any doubt at our sole discretion whether the account belongs to You.

**In addition to self-exclusion, We offer a "time out" period. You can request a time out for any time period from 24 hours up to 6 months by emailing with the requested time out. During this period Your Playnbrag online account that You hold will be temporarily closed. The facility will be automatically removed upon the expiry of the period, or can be removed at any point upon request.

***We will require age verification of the person in question from the 3rd party that is reporting it.

Their account will be frozen until we will receive age verification, then if confirmed the account will be immediately closed and any deposits returned. If no age verification has been received in 72 hours the account will be re-activated.

****When someone is concerned about someone they must provide us with some personal information of the person in question so as to verify that they have an established relationship with this person. In some cases though it may not be required if their account is showing frequent betting transactions and / or substantial amounts placed.